Partner Strategist (maternity cover)

We are looking for a Partner Strategist to work in our Insight & Strategy team on a 12-month fixed term contract.

Using a combination of marketing and business strategy, you will be responsible for working in a long term, collaborative way with one of our largest clients, helping define their strategy and identify the opportunities and projects that will help them grow.

With strong business skills, you will identify and convert new opportunities for competitive advantage. You will lead teams and provide client counsel, with the ability to carry out appropriate analysis using a range of models. You will arrive at insights that drive client solutions, and then frame them in terms of business impact.

You will play a front-line role in business meetings, direct workshops, and collaborate with other departments. You will inspire creative teams to lead them to the insights that drive great work. As well as internal collaboration, you will need to work across different sectors, with multiple external teams and the client to create the best possible solution.

Taking ownership of projects throughout the planning process is a must, and you’ll also need to be agile and able to switch your focus from one challenge to another. You’ll have to operate upstream to define the customer and business need for marketing and downstream to brief the activation of programmes into specialist teams. Your passion for marketing should shine through no matter what the subject.

You will have an open, curious mind, a positive approach and the capacity to build strong and effective relationships. As a thinker you should be strategic in your nature, able to see the bigger picture and connect all the dots.

You may be working agency-side already, or you may be in a senior marketing role within an organisation. Either way, you must feel at home in the demanding, fast-paced, accountable world of a marketing agency and feel excited at the prospect of working hand-in-hand with our client. We want to find that weird blend of opposites that creates the best insights; curiosity, fearlessness, analytical ability and a way of looking at the world creatively.

This role is based in Leeds, but will require some European travel.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then you could you be the one for us. Send your CV and covering letter to jess.kaye@homeagency.co.uk