Leeds Roundhay

AIO/SEO Analyst

We’re on the hunt for an Artificial Intelligence Optimisation (AIO)/ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Analyst to join our busy AIO team up in Leeds. The ideal candidate for this role would already have experience with the below responsibilities, however it’s not a deal-breaker if you haven’t quite mastered all of the below; we’d still like to hear from you, and see how you could grow into the role.

Responsibilities include:

  • Independently conduct and organise audits of client properties and review campaigns to identify issues, resulting in actionable recommendations.
  • Review on-going activity in order to provide insights into client performance, as well as providing recommendations to client campaigns as required, on both short and long-term levels.
  • Categorise topics relevant for new clients, in order to carry out keyword research and content audits, and creating standing briefs for content production.
  • Determine and clearly communicate any issues or objectives with all parties involved in a campaign, both internally and externally, and with solutions.
  • Work with wider marketing teams, including offline, to ensure consistency and coherence of all marketing efforts.
  • Be a leader for technology and AIO thinking within HOME, particularly in client account teams.
  • Be an advocate for learning by continually working on improving your own skills, keeping up with on-going changes in the industry, sharing developments with the wider company and updating internal process documentation.

Up for the challenge?  Fire over your CV and covering letter to: aio.jobs@homeagency.co.uk.