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↑ The song Sade could sing now from her balcony, whilst on lockdown.

We live in strange times. How many articles and blogs have you read that start like that at the minute?

It’s true though, global pandemic aside, it really does feel like something has changed. It’s like we’ve had all these amazing tools at our disposal and now we’re really making them work for us – for the better.

Social media was panned not too long ago for disturbing the youth and being the downfall of society, yet today it’s how we’re all staying together, it’s the way we’re keeping in touch and sharing good news. That’s really important at the minute. The good news, the feel good, the stuff to make people smile – we really need that.

The first we saw of this surge of positive content was the people locked down in Italy singing their hearts out (hence the Sade balcony singing reference up top).

In fact, many in the music industry have realised they’re now ‘spectacularly unemployed’ as a friend put it and are creating content at a quite frankly unwatchable rate. There’s too much!

This is great for fans though, as many are letting you into their lives and into their creation processes like never before. It feels like there hasn’t been such a big shift in how you connect to a band or artist since Myspace.

And it’s not just music, creators are everywhere, and they’ve got lots of time on their hands. TikTok was already on a rocket ship velocity, but it seems like it’s hit lightspeed now – we’re all going to be doing the stair shuffle or some strange hand dance by the end of this.

Memes too are adapting and changing, with old classics being given the social distancing treatment.

So, what does this mean for brands? Well, many will need to decide if it’s appropriate for them to be creating content at all. And if that’s a yes then what is it there for?

Some brands can thrive in this new marketplace, and many are. They’re adapting quickly to what people need and want, and many had the perfect product for times like this. Disney+ couldn’t have timed this better!

Some brands will want to keep engaging with their audience, to remind them that they’re still there. It could be all too easy for customer’s loyalties to drift off to another brand. It’s a chance to entertain and engage, rather than just sell and promote.

Ethics have become a much hotter topic and business are being praised for strong ethical stances amongst the turmoil, with some brands choosing to do good and help those that need it.

In the long term, these brands will earn respect and maybe even win over some new fans. One example that stood out in my feed is Land Rover. Last week, it was announced that Land Rover is loaning fleets of the New Defender to various agencies including the British Red Cross doing wonderful and vital work during the crisis. The sentiment around the brand is now overwhelmingly positive – a sea of love hearts and clap emojis.

This is a not complete round up of where content is today, it will probably change tomorrow, tonight even, in the next hour. But all these things have one thing at their core – a creative thought. The thought popped into someone’s head to sing out the window, do that dance, tweak that meme, donate those cars. That thought leads to content being created which hopefully makes people feel good.

Possibly the greatest example of this is the #clapforourcarers campaign. It’s such a simple idea, but it was so big in its audacity and the use of social that it captivated and inspired a country. I’ve been incredibly grateful for the NHS in my life so far, and for my family and my friends. This campaign moved me to tears that first night as I clapped, thinking about what they’ve done for us, what they’re doing now and will do in the future.

Maybe thinking will save us all.

Written by:

Neil Wallace Senior Content Creative


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