YeYe Weller’s illustrations

I like anything that’s colourful, vintage and a bit mad. So when I discovered YeYe Weller’s work I was in my element!

He’s a German illustrator who creates eye-catching pieces that are a brilliant balance of trippy and psychedelic with a bit of retro 70’s charm. His simpler pieces usually just feature a really short, snappy message alongside a funny little character – but my favourite prints are the ones with busy layouts and snippets of wacky patterns. I especially love this sarcastic series he did about New Year’s resolutions:

Personally, his work also creates a nice feeling of nostalgia for me too as the little characters really remind me of a children’s book series my grandma used to have. It was about a group of fruit and veg called The Munch Bunch … see what I mean!?

YeYe sums his work up quite simply as ‘happy, colourful and stupid’. So if you want to brighten up your day with a bit of lovely looking nonsense – check his stuff out!

Written by:

Alice.Banham Copywriter


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