Why your brand should be working with influencers

The use of content creators continues to rise massively, and it’s predicted that the influencer marketing industry will grow to be worth $13.8 billion by the end of 2021, as many brands use influencers to promote their products and services in order to gain exposure to new, relevant audiences.

From understanding how much influencers charge to creating a successful influencer strategy, there are a few things to get your head around when it comes to influencer marketing. So, we are here to break it down and explain why working with content creators can be beneficial to your brand.

Five reasons to work with influencers as part of your marketing strategy

1. They can produce content that you can repurpose

When you work with content creators on campaigns, it’s likely that part of the deliverables the influencer will create will be photo or video content to share with their audience.

This means that if permissions are included in the contract, you will be able to reshare their content on your social pages too. Creating content can be time consuming, so working with influencers solves this issue by removing the need to find in-house resource to create and brainstorm ideas for your own in-feed content.

Posting content which has already been created by influencers will help you to sustain an active social page whilst keeping you at the front of your follower’s minds.

2. Increased brand awareness

Good influencers will have an engaged audience who follow them to hear what they have to say.

Working with creators who have a captivated following that are relevant for your brand means your products and services will be in front of people who may have never heard of your company before, therefore increasing brand awareness.

3. Increasing trust

When consumers look to buy products or services, many turn to reviews to see if what they plan to buy is good quality and worth the money.

Influencers tend to have loyal followers who trust their recommendations, so when a content creator recommends your product and is shown using it, their audience is more likely to want to find out more about your brand and potentially purchase from you.

This is why when it comes to selecting creators to collaborate with, it’s important to look for influencers who have built an audience based on trust and relevancy.

4. Exposing your brand to a new audience

Influencers have their own audience who follow them to be entertained, educated or informed. Whether the creator has a big following or a small one, there is an opportunity for your brand to be introduced to a new audience who are likely to care about your product (if you work with influencers in your niche).

5. Influencers are cost effective compared to traditional advertising campaigns

Micro and nano influencers tend to have very engaged audiences, but due to having lower reach do not charge thousands to promote products. The average cost of working with nano and micro influencers on Instagram is often between £10 – £350 depending on requirements. Some creators will also accept gifted collaborations – this involves no cost to the brand accept the cost of the product or service.

Working with the right influencers can be very cost effective, as they are less expensive than traditional ad campaigns, but still can reach a large, engaged audience and increase brand awareness, which has the potential to lead to brand advocates and sales.

So, there we have it, five reasons why your brand should be working with influencers. If you need help getting started with your influencer strategy, then drop a line to gabriella.haile@homeagency.co.uk.

Written by:

Gabriella Haile PR, Social & Content Account Executive


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