Why now is the perfect time to spring clean your brand

This week I bought two window squeegees. I can’t say cleaning windows was the top of my priorities a few weeks ago, yet after spending quite a lot of time inside the house recently, that filmy layer of grime really started to grate on me.

Because that’s one thing you can say about the lockdown. It’s given us the time to actually do those basic bits of housekeeping which we know need doing, but always seem to get put off because there’s a more immediate task in hand demanding our attention.

This year may well be a strange one, with many businesses suspending activity for the foreseeable future. But that doesn’t mean strategic thinking needs to stop too. In fact, with clearer diaries and more headspace, now could well be the perfect time to go back to basics and get those brand fundamentals in order. What do you stand for? How do you provide what people need? Why should they care?

For us the mark of a great brand is one who answers those questions through a single idea, and then weaves that idea consistently through everything they do, from:

1. Their product or service – the thing they are selling
2. Their communications – the way they describe the benefits they deliver, the reputation they build
3. Their experience – the way customers, suppliers, distributors (everyone really) engages with their brand
4. Their culture – the way they do things collectively as a business

Challenger brands are very good at doing this, leveraging the historic pain points of their sector to deliver something better – think Glossier bursting the bubble of perfection in the beauty industry; Monzo creating a simpler, easier alternative to banking; and Bulb offering green energy with great service in the utilities sector.

All brands, challenger or not, have the potential to deliver an idea consistently through everything they do. But it all starts with defining that idea, making sure it has the stretch and the longevity to work for years to come. Invest that time now, and you’ll know that any future activities you undertake as a business – whether that’s advertising, building customer loyalty, or attracting and retaining the best talent – will be all the more effective.

Here at HOME we have plenty of brooms, feather dusters and squeegees. Just in case you do decide that now is the perfect time to spring clean your brand.

Written by:

Elle Whitaker Senior Strategist


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