What got me into marketing – Head of Client Delivery

I stumbled into agency life completely accidentally. I’ve always had a sensible head on my shoulders, and at the age of 18, I made the very adult decision to dive into working life rather than go to uni (because who wants fun, right?). At the time my brother, who’s three years my senior, had just concluded a media degree and was struggling to find somewhere to put that to use, so I thought I’d use the three years to build an early career.

I landed myself a job at a solicitors, so professional! Needless to say, I was bored senseless and quickly realised the corporate life of an Admin Assistant (aka filer/post organiser) wasn’t for me, so I sought a new adventure. I stumbled across an ad in the Yorkshire Evening Post for a position at a creative agency. YES people used to advertise in actual printed newspapers and YES I am old enough to have responded to such an ad.

I didn’t even know this industry existed,  but as I’ve always been creative and had a passion for art and design, it felt like a great step for me. The first agency I worked in was small, it was in Morley and there were only 11 of us. I got to drive myself (independent or what) and the small team environment was great, because I was immersed in everything, from studio time management, creative process management, print buying, media buying, to eventually having my own clients – which really stood me in good stead for understanding all the functions of agency life.

I then rode the agency train and spent my early 20s working in a few agencies across Leeds, trying to learn as much as I could and gain different experiences. Because of this, I’ve built up a great network of agency comrades who span the city, it’s been such great experience. I then landed a role at my former agency, which I thrived in and went from Account Manager to Account Director in a short space of time, managing a large team of enthusiastic and brilliant individuals. With this, it really ignited my passion for mentoring and supporting those around me.

Then came the opportunity at HOME and I’ve not looked back. My role has evolved in the four years I’ve been here, and I’ve been able to work with incredibly talented people day in, day out, in a role that’s kind of been shaped around my experience and skillset – how great is that! Not only that, I was given the opportunity to go on a Mental Health First Aid course, which has proven particularly invaluable over the past year.

So, here I am today. No longer the youngest in the agency – quite the opposite actually, or so it feels at times. Almost 15 years’ experience and living to tell the tale – and looking forward to see what the next few years will bring, because in agencies it never sits still and that’s what makes it so fun!


Written by:

Lucy Duke Head of Client Delivery


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