The Homie Awards 2020

This year has been tough. Really tough. But we are tougher.

To recognise and celebrate all the big, small, normal and extraordinary ways that Homies have pulled together and contributed to the efforts of the Home Group this year, we decided to hold the first ever Homie Awards…

The Homie Awards 2020 features 14 awards across four categories: More Than Me, Courage Over Comfort and Creative Spirit are all centered around our values, whilst A Bit of a Chuckle does what it says on the tin!

After one intense week of voting, the counts were tallied and we all got together over Teams to celebrate our finalists. So, without further ado, let’s hear it for our first Homie Awards winners!

More Than Me

Quick hello hero: Suzy Thomas

Awarded to someone who’s consistently made sure to check in on their fellow Homies or brighten days with quick chats.

The glass filler: Paula Marcantonio

Awarded to someone who’s always thinking positively, helping their team to turn a situation around – from a glass half empty mood to a glass half full mood.

Management master: Rosin Edwards

Awarded to someone whose everyday management behind the scenes might usually go unnoticed, but has made everyone else’s jobs so much easier, and projects run smoother.

Courage Over Comfort

The Real Talker: Liv Hehir

Awarded to someone who’s not sat back in silence, but has spoken up for what they believe in.

Faith Leaper: Jordan Madrick

Awarded to someone who had the courage to trust their gut and just go for it.

Felt the fear. Did it anyway: Shannon Caulfield

Awarded to someone who pushed themselves out of their comfort zone in a big way.

Creative Spirit

Covid Chameleon: Sarah Williamson

Awarded to someone who’s adapted to 2020 especially well. They’ve come up with a creative solution to a challenge posed by the pandemic, found a new way to do an element of their role virtually, or just settled into working from home like a boss.

The Zagger: Alice Banham

Awarded to someone for thinking outside the box, finding new and exciting solutions for our clients.

One Fresh Thinker: James Drawneek

Awarded to someone who consistently stays ahead of the curve and abreast of the top trends to make sure they’re coming up with the freshest ideas.

A Bit of a Chuckle

Top Teams Interruption: Joe Metcalfe

Awarded to the person (/parent /pet owner) responsible for the funniest video call interruption.

Fashion Favourites: Sarah Gledhill

Awarded to the person with the best work from home attire – whether that’s dressed up or dressed down.

Mute Maestro: James Fisher

Awarded to that person who never remembers to turn their microphone on.

The Alternate Communicator: Christina Miller

Awarded to the person who has the perfect meme, gif or emoji on hand for every situation. How do they do it so quickly? No one knows.

Best Background: Richard Duddleston

Awarded to the person who has the best Teams background – whether real or virtual.

Written by:

Leah Groom


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