Standing out from the crowd in a busy market

We all need something that makes us different, that makes us stand out from the crowd. We hope that someone will notice this difference, like it, and ask us out for a drink sometime. Brands are no different, they need a special something that makes them stand out in the marketplace.

Being truly unique in an already saturated market can be tricky, but ultimately, it’s about finding something about your brand that resonates with consumers, and then championing that thing. This could be the unbeatable range and price point of products you sell, just like Amazon, or the design and tech you use, like Apple.

But rather than bore you with the usual case studies, I wanted to talk about a brand that is a little different and has really celebrated their uniqueness… Beauty brand Glossier was founded in 2014 by Emily Weiss, owner of Into the Gloss, a beauty blog that gave an insider’s view of the beauty routines of some of the biggest names in beauty and fashion. Weiss set up Glossier to democratise beauty, rather than have ‘experts’ tell you what you should be using on your face. In a world of contouring and overlining, Glossier’s ‘Millennial Pink’ packaging and ‘Skin First’ mantra is a breath of fresh air.

Glossier’s point of difference is to make the consumer the centre of its world. It includes the consumer in its product development, asking them what they want to see from the brand and creating conversation through the Into the Gloss blog. Its Milky Jelly cleanser was created using feedback from a blog post called, ‘What’s Your Dream Face Wash’. Its perfume was created to enhance a consumers’ natural scent, rather than hide it away. Glossier also refuses to sell wholesale, so that the band always knows who is buying its products.

In an industry dominated by conglomerates, like Estée Lauder and L’Oréal, Glossier stands out as a brand that genuinely cares about its customers. The brand champions diversity in its imagery, relies on word of mouth and celebrates ‘real’ people with ‘Top Shelfie’ posts on Into the Gloss. Glossier has carved itself a niche that makes it stick out in a booming industry. The brand knows its customers and know how to market to them – it doesn’t need to use flashy campaigns or bring out 5000 products at a time. It has stuck to its own path and that’s what makes it unique in the market.

HOME’s Insight & Strategy team also take learnings from our brands’ competitors, and research how brands in different industries and sectors communicate uniqueness. We do this to help our clients find a unique selling point that resonates with their customers. It doesn’t have to be something huge – it doesn’t even have to be truly ownable – but it should be a selling point that makes people stop and consider you above your competitors.

This is exactly what we did for Miles, a fellow member of Home’s Planning team, in our TRU Love project. Miles has got the tricky task of trying to stand out in the competitive dating world, where other men are flaunting their honesty, maturity and respectfulness. So, we set him apart from the hordes by focusing on unique attributes such as his cheeky wit, creativity and style, and how he is viewed as a kind-hearted, modern gent.

New brands pop up every day, so it’s to be expected that being unique in the market will only get more challenging, but good Planners will always be able to find something that pushes a brand to shine. Get in touch with us to help set your freak flag flying, stand out from the crowd and celebrate what makes your brand special.

Written by:

Eleanor Pick


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