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Between myself and the rest of HOME’s SEO team, we have over 20 years’ experience. And from this experience, we know that the key to success lies not just in our own technical knowledge, but in getting buy in from across the business and bringing all project stakeholders along for the ride. Admittedly, SEO can be a bit of a black box, and elements that are least understood tend to be the ones that are omitted from the project in one way or another – which is something we’re determined to change! So we have set up our very own SEO training to demystify the black box and provide you and your team with actionable clarity on how to grow this channel.

Clarity in SEO is essential. All decisions ranging from content, technical solutions to investing into brand awareness and ongoing market activation can either enhance or diminish a website’s performance potential. If you have ever wondered “what should we do with product listings when they go out of stock”, or “how do we integrate those shiny new slide shows our designer imagined for the home page”, then this SEO training could be for you.

One of the best parts of the training we have developed is taking part in workshops with stakeholders and discussing plans to create brilliant customer experience that drives more revenue for your brand. By collaborating with a range of different expertise and getting multiple perspectives, we can work towards the best possible solutions for you and your team in real time. We have been putting this training into practice and to date have trained teams of over 80 professionals, so we think it’s about time we opened it up to a wider audience.

Sound interesting? Keep reading to learn a little more about who this training will be useful for, what you can expect and how it’s different to just taking that eLearning course you’ve been putting off.

Perfect for everyone?

We understand that the best training experience is designed around your interests, job and expertise. We’re therefore weighing traditional SEO components around your needs, taking you outside of your comfort zone, as every training should, without overwhelming you with information. We know how frustrating that can be when learning new skills! So if it’s content optimisation that is your teams key focus, we can tailor our training to focus on that and keep technicalities to a minimum.

The training

The training we offer can be broken down into the following sections:

SEO Fundamentals

Like most digital industries, the pace of change in SEO is pretty mind blowing. Most industry standard tools and insights are at best a shadow of what Google’s 10,000 engineers are brewing in their backyards. This can make it super hard to keep up and know which strategies are still relevant and which belong in the past, so our fundamentals training will give you jargon free, up to date SEO insights that are tailored to what you need to know.

Content Optimisation

They say content is king, but it doesn’t stop once the words are on the page. We’ll help you create content that resonates with your audience because it addresses customer’s problems and ranks in the top of search results – driving more views. That’s where the art and science of content optimisation comes in and you’ll get a chance to learn all about it.

Links & PR

Links have historically been one of the strongest ranking signals for search engines and served as a metric in digital popularity contests. They still do, but quality over quantity is the winning approach here. This part of training focuses on modern link acquisition strategies that will work for you now and in the future.


This is the geekiest part of it all. It would be easy for us to throw a lot (and I do mean a LOT) of jargon around here, but it’s not necessary. We’ve made every effort to make this topic very accessible whilst still giving you enough detail to be comfortable understanding and discussing key technical SEO topics and challenges.

All of the above will contain live examples related to your business, so you can see exactly how improvements can be made, relevant to you. We’ll also set small homework tasks for your team to take away so they can apply their learnings immediately! We’ll even mark these giving actionable feedback on how you can improve your SEO game, giving you confidence your team has benefited from this training.

Our trainers live and breath SEO and know how to make teaching it enjoyable. After all, half of a good training sessions is making it enjoyable! So, ready to elevate your brand’s SEO? To find out more, please get in touch with

Written by:

Sebastian Dziubek Head of SEO


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