Saving the world one teddy at a time

Casually scrolling on social media, I didn’t expect to stumble across something as wholesome and heart-warming as Loved Before.

Before you ask, no, this isn’t a new dating app. Loved Before is a revolutionary soft toy adoption agency on a mission to reduce waste and support charities with every teddy they re-home.

If you’re a big kid like me, this makes parting with old toys much more bearable. Plus, the process is super easy! Simply donate your soft toy and share their story to help a future family connect with them. There’s also no issue with donating tattered teddies, as all donations are washed and restored.

Interestingly, the founder of Loved Before, Charlotte Liebling, established the company after volunteering at a charity shop. It was during this time she noticed the huge number of soft toys being donated, with a lifetime of memories and love, only to end up in landfill. This drove her to challenge consumer attitudes towards pre-owned purchases and pave the way for a more sustainable, sentimental future.

According to Charlotte, there are enough soft toys already in the world to never have to produce another again. So, with recyclable and biodegradable packaging at the ready, Loved Before are enabling people to make greener and more meaningful toy purchases.

What makes this company even more inspiring is that since been established, they’ve donated over 50% of all their profits to charity. This year they’re supporting Make-A-Wish UK, a charity which makes life changing wishes a reality for children living with critical illnesses.

So, whether you’re ready to part ways with an old friend or looking to gift sustainably this Christmas, check out Loved Before.

#jointhetedolution over on their Instagram.

Written by:

Alison Mcgann Art Director


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