RNIB’S campaign sees advertising differently

Back in December 2019, I saw a campaign that made me jealous. And inspired. But mostly jealous. It was a proper ‘arghh I wish I’d done that’ moment because it’s a great example of what creativity is in my mind. It went beyond what the brief asked for, beyond what was expected by the client, and even beyond advertising. The campaign ‘See Differently Collection’ was for the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and aimed to raise awareness of the inventiveness of the sight-loss community.

The blind and partially sighted often find clever ways to manage their day to day lives, and that can involve giving an everyday household item a completely new function. For example, an afro comb can be a ‘veggie slicer’, slicing with precision and without risk of cutting fingers. A sock can be a ‘small item finder’ when popped over the nozzle of a vac. And a hair clip can be a ‘shoe organiser’, keeping shoes in their correct pairs. The campaign took these insights and turned them into actual products intended for their alternative use. And then sold them. Not only raising awareness of the ingenuity of the sight loss community but raising cash for the charity too.

When asked about the campaign, Martin Wingfield, head of brand at RNIB said: “Our brand campaign has challenged misconceptions surrounding sight loss whilst showing that people with sight loss live perfectly normal lives. We wanted to build on our campaign by showing that sight loss doesn’t mean stopping doing the things you love. We were really impressed when we heard the ways the community adapt everyday tasks and wanted to shine a spotlight on this ingenuity.”

What I love most about the idea is that they didn’t just promote the clever ‘life hacks’ with some press ads. Or an online video. They went a step further, turning them into the purchasable products. That wasn’t on the list of deliverables. The creative execution went somewhere completely unexpected, making the campaign talkable, shareable and PR-able.

So, next time you drop an earring under the bed, or need to organise your shoe cupboard, head over to The Design Museum because there are still some of the clever products for sale.

Written by:

Emily Hague Senior Copywriter


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