At HOME, many of our family and friends are NHS heroes, so we wanted to do something to support our carers and play a part in helping get the NHS the pay rises they deserve. So, we teamed up with grassroots organisation Nurses United who do crucial work for healthcare professionals and their causes.

Together, we created (P)RAISE, an emotive film featuring photos from the pandemic alongside selfies from Nurses United members, to the tune of Hannah Grace’s cover of the Fatboy Slim classic ‘Praise You’.

We wanted to remind the public just what our health care workers have been through, and go through, and why this pay rise should be supported. Check it out here:

We’re so pleased with the final film, and hope it helps in the fight for pay rises. We’d like to say thanks to all the members of Nurses United, Ricall Music Supervision, Getty Images, the writers of the track Fat Boy Slim (Norman Cook) and Camille Yarbrough and Hannah Grace for her beautiful cover.

Written by:

Leah Groom Senior Marketing Executive


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