My Favourite Brands: Michael Hayes

Today is the turn of Michael, our Integrated Planner, to share what his favourite brands are with us and why. Over to you Michael…

Yeah, I wouldn’t expect consistency from me here. I’ve no consistent logic to why I like things. I just do.

So first up, Ray Ban.

Dream client this one. The potential for greatness is there, and here’s why I love them:

They have two, maybe three iconic designs. Most brands don’t have one. And being iconic is a tough business. It requires timeless beauty, function, and flair. The Wayfarer, Aviator, and Clubmaster are all often copied, stolen, and riffed on. But you always know when you’re looking at the real thing.

To start (and keep) that ball rolling is so hard, but once it bleeds over into culture, suddenly it’s ‘the people’ who own your brand. They’ve just got to fuel it in the right way.

Once you reach that stage, then and only then, can you argue that you’re empowering your customers to do something. From Dylan, Debbie Harry and Casey Neistat down to you. Ray Ban are in the business of letting people find their own way to look cool. And I like that. A lot.

Second up, Ferrari.

Ferrari might not be democratised like Ray Ban. But they are the runaway champion of aspiration. Enzo Ferrari said “If you ask a child to draw a car, they’ll draw you a red one”. They are guided by their own pathos and not much else, which has put them in a league of their own. The Eric Cantona of brands.

Their history is littered with quotables, but most recently, this interview with their head of design, Flavio Manzoni:

Q: How long can Ferrari keep resisting the ultra-luxury SUV trend?
A: Ferrari doesn’t want to make anything that follows a trend. We are not followers.

And can you remember the last time you saw an advert for Ferrari? No – you cannot. Because they don’t make ‘em. They’re unbothered by CTAs or conversion rates. They’ll make do with making icons like the 250 California or being the most successful racing team ever. Ferrari walk the walk like no one else.

That clarity of purpose and contempt for whatever it is that those other carmakers are doing. That is what makes them a top brand.

And finally, Mundial Mag.

When I wrote this paragraph, it was no longer in print. BUT AS OF YESTERDAY, IT IS BACK.

Every brand has a tone of voice document. Usually full of phrases like “confident but shy”, vague contradictions that amount to anonymity. Few brands ACTUALLY have a distinct tone of voice. Mundial Mag however speaks the language of what football fans love, while making football even more open than it already is.

Mundial Mag manage to champion and further the inclusiveness of football – the development of women’s footballing leagues, how football can be a force for good in far flung corners of the world, whilst still being able to make shortlists of football boots that 5-a-side players wear and what it says about them. It’s full of jokes and memories, you’d only really get if you’ve been steeped in grassroots football since childhood, while STILL being so well written a newcomer would find it funny.

Case in point, in their words, this is you if you wear Adidas Predators:

“You keep these hung up in the cupboard just past the pantry, the smell of a home-cooked meal fills your nostrils as you return from football. The kids are doing really well at school. Car has just passed its MOT with ease. Everything is just really nice at the minute. OR you enter every single competition you come across online and in magazines. Big into vouchers. Not mutually exclusive, I suppose. People are complex.”

Or Mizuno’s:

“You’re gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. F*cking dreamboat. Haven’t passed in your life.”

They’re unmistakable and a case study in having a purpose and voice that you alone can own.

Written by:

Georgia.Preston Senior Marketing Executive


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