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We love finding out how our Homies got to where they are today (just take a look at our ‘What Got Me Into Marketing’ Hub series) and the things that influenced them along the way. Recently, our Advertising teams have been running a series of talks to delve into what each other’s favourite brands are.

Today, our PR and Social Media Account Manager, Lizi, is sharing four of her favourite brands and how they have influenced and played a part in her journey into the industry.

Over to Lizi…

It’s safe to say that I’m an advertiser’s dream. Whether it’s random things that TikTok convinces me I ‘need’, recommendations from friends, what my favourite influencers are doing or simply gimmicky new product launches, I’m pretty easily led.

You’d have thought after seven years in the industry, I wouldn’t be so easily sold to. But nope, my Amazon Prime account regularly takes a battering.

I’ve always been a die-hard social media fan, user and general enthusiast – to the point where I dressed up as Facebook for a fancy-dress night out at university. A lot of that enthusiasm stems from growing up during the transition from majority print to majority online content consumption, including the rise of social media.

For this reason, my first favourite brand is Cosmopolitan Magazine.

I’ve been a reader of Cosmo since around the age of 15 and a consumer of their digital content, pretty much since first joining Twitter at 17.

Consuming such a female-first media title at such an impressionable age instilled into me that I could do anything – and that gender wouldn’t come into it. It was the first time I’d been exposed to any kind of feminist messaging.

As well as celebrating more diversity than its monthly counterparts (though there was and always will be work to be done), with real women and real stories, Cosmo was the only magazine at the time that felt like it appealed directly to me – a young woman trying to navigate the big wide world. Well, as big and as wide as the world gets when you go to university in Huddersfield.

Whilst I was consuming Cosmo as a magazine, my go-to channel was BBC Three.

It appealed to the late teen to early 20s age range and their documentaries were gritty, but real. Covering all sorts from crime, to poverty and even life on the front line, it was educational, eye opening and showed a very different world.

When BBC Three went online only, their social channels continued to talk about stuff that matters. Whether that’s mental health, the fight against racism or getting Love Island stars to break taboos about testicular cancer (fronted by Chris Hughes), their content has grown with the audience.

BBC Three and Cosmo were the top of the list for media consumption ‘brands’ during my university years, but when it comes to the marketing of physical products, I couldn’t have social media in my job title and not mention Innocent Smoothies. Hear me out, I know it’s a cliché…

To me, Innocent was the brand that paved the way for social tone of voice, putting a bottle of blended fruit to the forefront of social media marketing. It was so distinct that non-marketers commented on it and recognised it. And as marketers, we all know that getting the people who aren’t in our industry to sit up and listen is a sign of our success.

As much as I love Innocent, for me it’s Diet Coke that takes the top spot in the drinks fridge…

I was bought into Coke’s brand aesthetic with the Marc Jacobs collection of can designs and became a long-standing fan from then onwards. They appealed to my ‘just joined Instagram but still posting relatively uninspiring content’ phase, especially during that time the bottles all had names on them! That was the marketing I loved them for – taking a product I loved and making it prettier.

Cans of Diet Coke also fulfilled a need state in my earlier agency days. Stressed? Have a Diet Coke. Hungover? You need a Diet Coke. Lunchtime meal deal from Tesco? Has to be a Diet Coke. 9am? It’s a great time to put your Diet Coke in the fridge for mid-morning. It was a solution.

Being brave and bold is what I respect the most when it comes to brands and their marketing. It makes me more inclined to buy from them, and whether it’s knowledge or caffeine, my favourite brands all add some value to my life.

Written by:

Lizi Lege PR & Social Media Manager


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