My Favourite Brands: Hannah Hodgson

Next up to share their favourite brands with us is Hannah, our PR, Social & Content Senior Account Executive. Take it away Hannah…

For someone who scrolls through Instagram approximately 7,364 times a day, it’s safe to say I’ve seen my fair share of ads. With the amount of time I spend on social media, the algorithms have grown to know me pretty well over the years, resulting in being targeted with the brands that I love and the brands they know I’m going to love (not ideal for my bank balance!). Here are just a few…

Social media clearly knows I’m a foodie, and one of my favourite brands that I see on a daily basis is HelloFresh. Their influencer marketing is on another level! I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t see an influencer cooking up one of their delicious recipes. From Martin Kemp and Davina McCall to Rosie Ramsey and Emily Atack, they work with a wide variety of influencers, to showcase just how quick and easy their meal-kits are. This form of marketing is clearly working for them, as the amount of people I know who now order HelloFresh on a weekly basis is crazy!

Number two on the list is food related again (shock!). But this is not just a brand, this is an M&S brand. Yep, you guessed it, another one of my faves has to be the one and only M&S Food. Whether it be their ‘What’s New’ series featuring celebrities such as Emma Willis and Paddy McGuinnes, or their timely marketing stunts such as the heart-shaped Love Sausage for Valentine’s Day, their ‘food-porn’ style of advertising entices me in and makes me want to buy ALL of the food… Which is the whole point of marketing, right?!

Whilst we’re on the subject of supermarkets, one other brand I must mention is Tesco (I promise I’ll stop with the food brands in a minute). One campaign that always springs to mind when I get asked the question “name one of your favourite campaigns” is their Food Love Stories campaign. The campaign featured real people dedicating food to their loved ones and encouraged others to do the same and share it across social media. Following years of negative PR, Tesco wanted to reveal the true value of food, showing how it can empower relationships and help make memories. Through TV ads, OOH, social and more, Tesco really pulled on my heartstrings and made me want to make the food I love for the people I love.

Okay, I should probably choose a brand that isn’t food related now! So, another of my favourite brands is Spotify. Spotify’s marketing is second to none. They clearly understand their audience and have created a brand identity that resonates with them perfectly, with their innovative, playful and passionate advertising. One campaign that stands out for me is their annual ‘Wrapped’ campaign. Rolled out every December, the company unveils its listening data from the year, and users can listen to a personalised playlist filled with their favourite songs. Unsurprisingly, there’s a huge social media buzz around this, with people sharing snapshots of their listening habits. I don’t think I’ll be sharing my listening habits anytime soon, however!

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Georgia.Preston Senior Marketing Executive


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