Feeling good at HOME

This week has seen a whole host of activity taking place at HOME in honour of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Here’s a little snippet of what we got up to…

We had treats to de-stress, like massage, meditation and yoga… Or ‘doga’, even:

And we learnt something new every day, with talks on topics including sleep, becoming the master of your thoughts and how to survive a mid-life unraveling. We also heard about resilience from Leeds Mind, who taught us why zebras don’t get ulcers, and how big our stress buckets are!

These button badges brightened our desks and our dispositions:

We also created a well-being reading nook, with titles from authors such as Brené Brown and Matt Haig, which we’ll continue to add to as time goes on:

That isn’t the only reading material from the week either. We also set about collecting a bunch of our Homies’ favourite feel good recipes, which we called ‘HOME Cooking’:

Every day we made sure to take a break in the sun, whether it was for a quick coffee break or a cheeky Mr Whippy:

And we rounded off the week with a bountiful breakfast, courtesy of The HOME House of Representatives, AKA THHOR.

As nice as it is to have a week with treats like massage and breakfast sarnies though, we want our Homies to know we take mental health seriously all year round, not just for this one week.

So, we’ve been making sure everybody is aware of and knows how to contact our two mental health first aiders, who are always happy to lend an ear and offer help. We also have our own mental health guide and have signposted a load of handy resources such as MindWell Leeds, an NHS funded resource which is committed to making mental health information accessible to everyone in Leeds, and Pressures & Perspectives, which tells original stories about mental health within the creative industries.


Written by:

Leah Groom Senior Marketing Executive


What we're doing



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