Mental Health at HOME: 2021 update

Here at HOME, our vision is to become the most in demand marketing partner. In order to achieve that vision, we’re wholly committed to investing in our people-first culture. The happiness, health and well-being of our people should be one of the key commercial objectives in any agency – without our people there is no agency!

Back in 2018, we made a pledge to our Homies during Mental Health Awareness Week and trained up our first couple of Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAs). Since then, in response to Covid and the many mental health challenges it threw up, we’ve invested in the training of a further six MHFAs.

This training has given our MHFAs a deeper understanding of the issues that impact people’s mental health, how to spot if someone might be struggling, and crucially has given us more tools to help people before they reach crisis point. Further to this, In January of this year, we invested in training all of our Senior Management Team to be Mental Health Aware. Whilst they’re not fully trained to carry out Mental Health First Aid, it means that we have more Homies spread across the business who know how to support each other and can provide help to those that need it.

Beyond staff training, we strive to make sure that metal health is always on the agenda. Launched during the initial lockdown, ‘Go Well’, is a bi-weekly mailer sent to the whole Home Group and is full of useful tips, advice and resources that work towards promoting mental well-being both in and out of the workplace. In addition to the practical content, Go Well shares feel good news stories, podcasts, books and more and acts as a platform for our MHFAs to speak about their own experiences to encourage open conversations.

Since leaving the office back in March 2020, we have also come together as a group on many occasions to listen to a broad range of speakers, covering a variety of topics that have proven to be interesting, thought provoking and useful. This has included motivational speaker, Marcus Child, who very aptly spoke to us all about the five superpowers for resilience and resourcefulness in times of disorder, as well as Kerry Leigh from Laughology, who educated us on the power of humour and laughter.

Our vision is to ensure that every Homie is supported and seen by someone should they need help or want support in addressing mental health issues. We are committed to this vison and will continue to make sure mental health is kept top of mind.

Written by:

Georgia.Preston Senior Marketing Executive


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