Meet our Mental Health First Aiders: Sarah Wareham

This month for Mental Health Awareness Week, we want to take the opportunity to introduce you to the fab Mental Health First Aiders we have here at HOME. This week is the turn of Sarah Wareham, our Insight & Strategy Director.

Why did you first want to be trained up as a MHFA and why do you think it’s important?

I’ve had bouts of depression and anxiety since I was a teenager; at my worst it felt like I was totally alone and no-one else could understand how bad I felt. There’ve been a few people along the way who’ve really helped me understand it and deal with it better, and I wanted to pay it forward. Mental wellbeing is something anyone can have, regardless of whether you have an underlying mental illness, and I think that’s really important to remember.

How do you think people’s attitude to mental health is changing?

I think that it’s definitely changing for the better, people are becoming so much more open about talking about it and there’s less stigma than there was, although there is still a way to go to make sure that this becomes the norm.

I love that we’re investing in it as a business, and hope that everyone can see that it’s not just us MHFAs flying the flag – everyone across the leadership of the business knows how important this is and supports it – but that’s not the case everywhere.

How do you switch off from work?

I’m famously very bad at relaxing – but I do love watching films and boxsets, reading, and playing video games, as well as renovating the house, baking and designing jewellery. So maybe not switching off, but certainly switching over!

What’s a simple pleasure that brings you joy?

I love to paint – walls not pictures though! I actually love how therapeutic it is to paint a wall, watch it change colour and transform a space, and it’s weirdly very mindful as you have to concentrate on making the strokes and lines really even.

Are there any artists or podcasts you listen to to unwind?

When my mood is low, I love to listen to something I can turn up the volume and sing along to – the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, MS MR, Yoav and Elle King are favourites.

When I’m feeling anxious I find more soothing music that doesn’t necessarily have lyrics really helpful – things like Sigur Ros, Moderat, and Bonobo.

Right now, I’m also loving ‘The Great Indoors’ (who knew a podcast about interiors could be so joyous), Mike Rowe’s ‘The Way I Heard It’, and the totally random facts that come from the QI elves on ‘No Such Thing As A Fish

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Georgia.Preston Senior Marketing Executive


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