Meet our Mental Health First Aiders: Lucy Duke

This month for Mental Health Awareness Week, we want to take the opportunity to introduce you to the fab Mental Health First Aiders we have here at HOME. This week is the turn of Lucy Duke, our Head of Account Management.

Why did you first want to be trained up as a MHFA?

I’m a people person and have always had a nurturing instinct, which has stayed with me throughout my career. I feel a responsibility to understand and support, and I’m lucky that people have confided in me over the years. I was keen to be trained to help me better understand the ways people struggle and to provide me with a platform to support those who need it.

How do you think people’s attitude towards mental health is changing and how would you like to see it continue to develop?

Even since starting my career, attitudes towards mental health have come along leaps and bounds. The former stigma and silence attached to it is breaking down, as people have access to information, shared experiences and most importantly, are talking about it.

How do you switch off from work?

I’m lucky enough to be able to keep work in another room in the house, so moving out of that space and the physical closing of the laptop are a way of telling my mind that work is over. Plus, dog walks and fresh air – I’m a bit of a hermit and could lock myself away for days, but have quickly learned the importance of getting out when life doesn’t force you to.

What’s your comfort TV series?

Predictably, Friends – I can have it on at any time of the day. It has this ability to put me in some kind of trance where I don’t hear any other sounds around me. And it’s guaranteed to make me laugh, without fail.

Do you have a fave book to curl up with?

I love reading and have far too many recommendations to narrow them down, but my last read was a good one – ‘The Flat Share’, by Beth O’Leary. Totally charming, good characters and an easy read. I always judge a book on physical reactions, and this made me laugh out loud and maybe even shed a tear too.

What’s a simple pleasure that brings you joy?

A good-scented candle. It’s quite alarming the rate I go through them.

Written by:

Georgia Preston Senior Marketing Executive


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