Media with a creative spirit

‘Media with a creative spirit’ is the ethos by which the Media team at HOME live by. It’s our superpower and one that is pretty unique within the industry.

Because we’re born out of a marketing agency, creativity is our starting point rather than an afterthought, and we always view media planning through a creative and customer lens.

We are uniquely positioned to deliver this due to three key factors:

1) Our expertise

Being part of a full-service agency allows us to pull in a whole range of specialist expertise to provide a unique perspective to media planning, buying and optimisation.

Our planning process, AKA ‘Moment Mapping’, has been designed not just with media in mind, but rather to maximise potential for engagement and ensure both the media placement and the creative messaging are delivered at the right time, in the right place with a message for that specific moment. This planning process is enhanced by our Customer Experience team, who can provide much deeper insight than ever before, thus allowing us to supercharge our media planning and targeting strategies.

2) Our independent status

Unlike network agencies, being independent means we are not tied to specific media owners or ad-tech partners, which gives our media planners the freedom to build made-to-measure responses to briefs for our clients. In addition to this, our flexible trading models mean that we can be truly agile and react to performance insight in near-time so that we continue to improve campaign effectiveness.

3) Our performance heritage

We ensure that ‘media with a creative spirit’ is grounded in a performance mind-set. Performance marketing is in our DNA, everything we do is built around achieving positive business outcomes for our clients. We have market leading expertise across both on and offline channels and ensure that data is at the heart of everything we do. Whilst the response data we collect is used to optimise media plans and creative messaging, we also strive to ensure we grow first party data pools to help us shape future acquisition and retention strategies.

Essentially, we’re the perfect size agency to be able to offer breadth and depth of expertise whilst working in a truly collaborative manner to ensure business growth for clients.

If you’re interested in how we can apply our creative spirit to your business, get in touch with us here.

Written by:

Suzi Kilka Media Account Director


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