Manchester International Festival

For two weeks, Manchester city centre is taken over with an array of art, live music events, talks, theatre, dance and poetry to celebrate Manchester International Festival.

Closing this weekend (18th July), now is your last chance to see some of the things they’ve had up and running, and following 2020, a dose of culture feels like an enormous breath of fresh air and very welcome indeed!

Here are some of our favourite, free events we’ve seen so far:

Big Ben Lying Down, by Marta Minujín

Covered in over 2000 political books, Big Ben Lying Down is an enormous sculpture located in Piccadilly Gardens. What we love even more about this, is the digital experience that goes with. Explore the literary collaborations and watch a video of the process here.

Captioning the City, by Christine Sun Kim

To elevate your experience of the city, follow the art trail of giant type, integrated with Manchester’s architecture and surroundings. One of my favourite captions to remember: the sound of the zoom life fading away. Find all the locations on this map.

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Eart: A manifesto of possibilities, by Rashid Rana

Immerse yourself in a minimalist grocery store, totally void of advertising and loud, ‘sensory overload’ style packaging with this installation from Rashid Rana. Minus, the grocery store, categorises groceries by numbers and colours and strips out the capitalist-ideals behind our everyday food shopping with this commentary on consumerism. Top tip: Buy the washing up liquid for a beautiful reusable bottle!

Festival Square

Festival Square, outside the football museum, is hosting free live-music and DJ sets across the whole weekend. Queue up, grab a table and settle in with drinks from the bar and the glorious feeling of the return to live entertainment!

Written by:

Stephanie Maguire Senior UX Designer


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