Mal Made’s magnificent illustrations

Mal Fisher, working under the title of Mal Made, is a Sheffield-based illustrator with a background in packaging, UX, graphic and logo design.

Being furloughed in the first lockdown allowed Mal to focus on illustration and pursue a new path. His work frequently features people in their own spaces, where they find happiness and contentment. You might find a mum going about her day-to-day, a gardener surrounded by plants or even Mal himself in some illustrations!

This is one of the first pieces of Mal’s work I saw, which was actually drawn before lockdown kicked in, but definitely resonates now. It’s based on the architecture of the Sirius building in Sydney and is inspired by the film Rear Window:


You can find more of Mal’s work over on Instagram @mal_made or on his website.


Written by:

Leah Groom Marketing Manager


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