Influencers at HOME

Here at HOME, the PR & Social Team work with a whole range of exciting clients to boost their social and online presence, and one of the ways we achieve this is by using influencers!

We work with influencers to create impactful content that helps brands grow and maintain attention. So, we wanted to give you the low-down on all things influencer and how we like to approach working with content creators here at HOME.

Who are influencers?

Influencers tend to have an interest or be experts in a particular niche, and have a following who share these interests too. The influencer’s audience follows them to hear what they have to say and be educated or entertained. Trust is then built between the influencer and their audience, and the more the influencer talks to their followers and shares their honest opinions and views, the more the trust builds.

Influencers and brands

Influencers can be very powerful tools for brands, as they have access to thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people who are ready and waiting to hear their recommendations.

When influencers promote a product or service that is relevant and valuable to their audience, this can drive huge traffic to the mentioned brands page or website – driving awareness, engagement and often sales.

Influencers at HOME

At HOME, we understand just how powerful influencers can be on social media. Content creators have the knowledge and creativity to engage potential customers authentically and to solve the issues that brands face today in a unique way.

Whether that’s collaborating with influencers on an integrated PR and Social campaign, or executing a standalone influencer campaign, we approach influencer marketing in a bespoke way which ensures our clients get their name and product in front of the right demographic.

When it comes to sourcing the influencers, we carefully select both micro and macro content creators who best match the brand’s target audience, have an engaged following and will help us to smash our clients marketing objectives.

A three-step approach

The approach we take differs depending on the client and their challenges, but the following three steps form the foundations of each campaign:

  1. We identify the challenge the client is facing and wants to overcome
  2. We partner with influencers whose followers mirror the brand’s target demographic, whilst executing ideas which solve the client’s business problem
  3. We implement attention grabbing tactics which we know will engage the client’s audience. This involves selecting the type of content that will be posted and what the content will consist of

We then build the campaign out around the above!

Making it right for the brand

Every brand is different, so needs to present themselves differently on social media. So, we make sure the client’s influencer strategy outlines the objectives, how these objectives will be measured and how we will use their marketing budget in an efficient and effective way – whilst also staying true to the brand’s look, feel and values.

Identify the perfect content creators

We have a solid database of quality influencers who we have previously worked with, and have very good relationships with, but we also search for and engage new influencers depending on who best fits the bill. We only work with influencers who have an engaged, genuine audience and share the same values as the brand we are working with, as this is key to the success of a campaign!

We manage the campaign from end-to-end. This starts with selecting the influencers, managing all contact with them, briefing and contracts, all the way through to receiving their final campaign reports. We can also manage putting paid media spend behind their content when relevant to make sure that our target audience sees what they have to say – which is mutually beneficial for the brand and the influencer.

Monitoring performance

The work doesn’t stop once the posts are live, oh no! Once our influencers have posted their content, we monitor and report on metrics and performance for the duration of the campaign, ensuring we are reaching those all-important goals and KPIs set out at the start.

Combining strategic distribution, AI and tech

But wait, there’s more! We also have relationships with industry experts who have the capabilities to use AI and technology in our influencer marketing campaigns. The tech tools can measure the potential an influencer has to receive engagement on their posts, as well as evaluate which content creators have real affinity with the brand or campaign – leading to the selection of engaged influencers! This then results in cost effective, short-term campaigns that quickly deliver results.

So, there’s a whistle stop tour of how we approach influencer marketing. Fancy working with us on your influencer strategy or have any questions? Drop a line, we’re always happy to talk!


Written by:

Gabriella Haile PR, Social & Content Account Executive


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