HOME Schooling: The lessons we’ve learned

Parenting isn’t easy at the best of times. Throw a global pandemic into the mix and you’ve got quite a tough task on your hands – whether it was adapting to working from home whilst looking after a baby, trying to swot up on your Tudors ready for history class, or guiding teenagers through turbulent times. So, we caught up with a bunch of our Homies to find out some of their parenting highs and lows from this topsy turvy year.

The most common theme was the loss of structure that comes with the school day and the difficulties home-schooling brought. Becky, our office manager said: “After a dodgy start where everyone was trying to get used to working remotely and dealing with technology failures, they soon got into a good routine.”

Not all lessons went so smoothly though, as Becky elaborated: “Charlotte struggles with Maths, as do I, so I’m unsure as to why she asked me to help with her percentages work. However, I spent a good 20 minutes explaining it to her only for my husband to turn up, shake his head and tell her that I was essentially full of c*** and teaching her completely incorrectly!”

Neil, our PR & Social Senior Content Creative also commented on routine: “We found losing the rhythm of a school day really threw them, so we made one up and tried to stick to it… What this school schedule doesn’t show is the time they spent asking for the Nintendo Switch – e v e r y d a y”

It was a bit of a different situation when kids were towards the top end of the school system, as our Advertising Director, Rich, explained: “There was almost no difference to be honest as we hardly see them anyway… It just feels like the house is haunted by a vague presence that occasionally and invisibly moves random items around the house and fills the laundry basket. Chargers go missing, dirty pots magically appear on (never in) the dishwasher and occasionally I’m aware of a figure in a hoodie staring into the open fridge before getting some pizza, biscuits and a milkshake delivered by Uber Eats at 3am.”

“The serious point here though is that older kids are obviously more tuned in and I know they find the future scary. The weirdness of it all. The injustice of those times being taken away that should be among the best of their lives. On top of existing fears about jobs, student debts and climate change. It’s a lot and they need support. That’s why we all must forgive the dirty pots and the 3am food deliveries.”

But what if your sprogs weren’t quite of school age? Well, it seems it’s the under-fives that come up with the best quotes. Our Design Director, Craig, said “I wish I could remember who I was on a call to, but Florence coming in whilst I was on a Teams call announcing, “Daddy I’ve got a wedgie” was a definite highlight for me.”

Meanwhile, our Head of Partner Strategy, Jess, was presented with this AMAZING plasticine cake during a Teams call…

And Digital Media Account Director Will’s young one provided interruption of a different kind… Will said: “Dylan has learnt how to tantrum and is particularly interested in pulling the antenna off the wifi extender… Which hasn’t helped productivity.”

It’s not all wedgies and brokwn wi-fi though, as Will also spoke about the positives to staying at home: “When we went into lockdown, Dylan was only 6-months old. He was just trying to figure out how to crawl. Working from home was a real benefit because I was able to see him develop through so many milestones. Fast-forward to lockdown v2 and he is up and running!”

Becky added: “I think in some ways it felt nice to stop for a while, especially in the summer. We got to see more of them, we would have our lunch together and then go for a walk with the dog, and we did a lot of crafty things. We also got them involved with jobs about the place such as painting the fence, which was very handy!”

Cheers to a job well done, parents!

Written by:

Leah Groom


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