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This time we’re chatting with PR & Social Account Director, Nicole Barbosa, about her literary podcast.

What is it you do?

I’ve been running my podcast, Shelf Life, for two years and I’ve loved every minute.

How often do you do it?

In the first year, there were two episodes a month which was great. As I’m a team of one, I tend to space them out more now, but I still try to put at least one live a month where possible.

What do you love about it?

I love having the privilege of chatting with so many of my writing and publishing heroes. Each person I speak to is incredible and is changing the world of writing and publishing in their unique, special way.

How did you get into it?

The idea for Shelf Life came to me after chatting with a writer friend about what books she’d want on a shelf alongside hers – authors who have inspired her and books that had an impact on her life and writing. So I thought why not launch a podcast that asks my favourite writers and publishers the same question. I love ending every episode on that question because every answer is different.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by beautiful storytelling and the storytellers who create these stories and worlds. To quote author Robin Sloan: Books are the ultimate technology. They don’t require a charger and you can easily transport them from A to B. Why wouldn’t you want to surround yourself with the ultimate technology?

Any top tips or tricks for people wanting to get into podcasts?

Invest in a professional microphone! I love my Blue Yeti microphone. For editing, I use Audacity and host my podcast on Acast and iTunes Podcasts. If you are keen to start a podcast, I would research where the gaps are in the topic that you want to explore. Think about how much time you can devote to it. For a one-hour episode, it takes me nearly an entire day to edit, so keep that in mind when starting out, as you’ll probably be a team of one. Listen to other podcasts and see how people interview. It’s good to get into the medium to truly understand what you want to bring to your podcast. Also, if it’s a hobby, don’t get bogged down by listener numbers. Just enjoy the experience and have fun.

Have you had any epic fails along the way?

You can definitely tell in my earlier episodes that I was getting to grips with how close to sit to the microphone, adjusting volumes and proper interview protocol. There are also a couple of episodes where I was recording in a bookstore and the background noise can be a bit much! But overall, every ‘failure’ has helped me learn and develop my skills.

What has your proudest moment been?

I wouldn’t say that I have a proudest moment, I just feel so lucky every time a writer is happy to chat with me and I always feel proud when I put an episode live.

Written by:

Barry Bell


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