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Welcome to HOME Made, where we’re delving into some of the cool skills and hobbies our clever bunch of Homies have.

This time we’re chatting with Neil Wallace, our Senior Content Creative, about his experiments in the world of music…

What is it you do?

I attempt to put music in the right order to help with a mood or a feeling by mixing two tracks together. Here’s my SoundCloud, and this is a very, very old mix of mine…

How long have you been doing it?

I think I started being a selector when I was at school, making mixtapes of early rave and acid – which people used to want copies of. I’ve been buying records (and going out) since then too. Sweaty, basement clubs are my happy place.

How often do you do it?

Not often enough. I’ll try and practice every weekend. I didn’t have a mixer for a year – which didn’t help. I also stopped using CDJs at home so I’ve made my life a bit harder being vinyl only – it just takes practice. Sometimes it’s amazing, sometimes it’s horrendous.

What do you love about it?

I love music. And I love it when the flow is right from tune to tune. It’s also very satisfying when a mix works, I’m still learning and practicing. It can sound horrendous, as I’ve mentioned.

How did you get into it?

This is a much longer story. For another time.

Who inspires or influences you?

There are many people that I’m proud to call friends and acquaintances that influence and inspire me in music. I’m a horrendous name dropper, so I won’t do that here.

Any top tips or tricks for people wanting to teach themselves how to mix?

Play what you love.

Have you had any epic fails along the way?

The first time I played out was upstairs in BRB, Call Lane. I think opening with Joan of Arc by OMD was a mistake…

What has your proudest moment been?

Playing for ASBO at The Lock Tavern. I just played some music I love, in public, in one of my favourite party venues. It was a dream come true really. (I’m Badger).

What is your favourite thing you’ve done so far?

Picking records that make people (or my children at least) dance. Seeing some actual hands in the air once at a party in Belgrave Music Hall was pretty cool.

Written by:

Neil Wallace Senior Content Creative


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