HOME Made: Caroline’s crafts

Welcome back to HOME Made, where we’re delving into some of the cool skills and hobbies our clever bunch of Homies have.

This time, it’s the turn of our PR & Social Senior Account Director, Caroline Gill, to tell us all about how lockdown rekindled her love for art.

What is it you do?

Experimenting with art again as a ‘grown up’ – trying to make up for the D I got in GCSE Art and Design and bringing my children along for the ride! I’ve had a go at lino printing (my favourite so far), ink painting, calligraphy and general messing around with pencils and different kinds of pens, sketching bits and pieces.

How long have you been doing it?

Just a year now, it’s a Covid habit that stuck! I enjoyed art as a child and teenager but my career ended up being more about the written word, so it’s been good to reconnect with this kind of creativity.

How often do you do it?

Most weeks I’ll either make something myself or with my kids, often sharing the results on Instagram.

What do you love about it?

Lots of things! I love creating something tangible, and being able to see skills evolving over time. The focus it requires means it’s a way to switch off from other things too. I also love the fact that my kids have done something special during their time off school in 2020/21, something they wouldn’t have done otherwise.

Also, I love just flexing my imagination for myself, free of a brief. It feels good to have the thought ‘wouldn’t it be cool if someone did…’ and then just making yourself that someone 😊

How did you get into it?

I picked up a pencil again as a way to make use of the time off I had after my freelance writing contract ended last March due to Covid. A friend was sharing her efforts on Instagram as part of Artful’s ‘daily challenge’, so I joined in and signed up to their art supplies subscription box. I got regular deliveries of fancy art supplies I had no idea how to use and started just having a go. It was a great addition (ok, replacement) to home schooling activities too, as we’d find ideas and tutorials on YouTube. Both my kids have come a long way with their skills and have found a new hobby, just like me.

Who/what inspires you?

I pick a lot of ideas from other things I like such as films (yes, Star Wars), TV and music. I follow some artists on Instagram to get ideas for techniques, and Pinterest is great for inspiration too.

Any top tips or tricks for people wanting to get into it/teach themselves it?

Just get stuck in really – you don’t need fancy supplies to get started (though the delivery definitely gives me a nudge), and try a few different types of art or techniques. I love lino printing but I’m utterly rubbish at painting, and that’s ok!

Have you had any epic fails along the way?

There was one disastrous self-portrait! Other than that, just making a mess really and learning the hard way to use the lino carving tool by cutting AWAY from your hand, not towards it (ouch).

What has your proudest moment been?

My second ever lino print of Chewbacca. When I peeled it back it was like ‘hang on… this looks like someone talented made it!’. Also my Star Wars ‘Queen of Hearts’ design, incorporating various bits of geeky symbology and hours of pretty intricate carpal-tunnel-syndrome-inducing carving.

What is your favourite thing you’ve done so far?

Probably Chewie again. I like that I’ve been able to use that cut in different ways, experimenting with 3D effect, textures and layering the design to create bigger designs.

Written by:

Caroline Gill PR & Social Senior Account Director


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