HO-HO-HOME Made: Christina’s Custom Jewellery

Welcome to HOME Made, where we’re delving into some of the cool skills and hobbies our clever bunch of Homies have.

This time Partner Strategist, Christina, has been chatting to us about the unique jewellery she creates – including some festive designs!

What is it you do?

I make jewellery (rather oddly!) by painting stones with nail polish that I then set in jewellery bases. I buy the nail polish from independent makers on Instagram so that I can get the best unique colours. I also print original designs to set in bases for necklaces and key rings. This means I can create anything I like in jewellery and personalise with family or pet pictures!

How long have you been doing it?

Three years.

How often do you do it?

I usually potter around most weekends looking at new designs and colours as I just can’t sit still for long. I get orders out as soon as they come in and November and December are always busier periods because of Christmas.

What do you love about it?

Thinking up new and unusual colour combinations! And getting customer feedback that they love their new Sweet Design. That makes me feel awesome!

How did you get into it?

I randomly bought a ring making kit and had it out on the table when I was painting my nails… That’s when I just thought how great it would be to have a ring to match my nails. So, I painted the stone setting with nail polish and it all started from there!

Who influences you?

All the hugely talented makers and sellers on Instagram with their side hustles. There are so many creative and talented people out there and I’m just on the surface of that.

Any top tips or tricks for people wanting to get into it?

Just give it a go and don’t be afraid to experiment with colour and materials. You often get the best results when you just mess about and see what happens!

Have you had any epic fails along the way?

When I was just starting out, I rented a 6ft stall at a local market. I’d only just started selling then and only had a few pieces, so my jewellery looked properly tiny on that huge stall! It looked terrible and needless to say I barely sold anything! I always make lots of stock well in advance of an event now so that my stall looks really full and impressive.

What has your proudest moment been?

Last year I had a feature in a nail industry magazine with my ranges made out of nail polish – that was a massive buzz and I’m still proud of that.

What’s your favourite thing you’ve done so far?

I love putting personalised pictures into jewellery. I just adore seeing family or pet faces and knowing what I make is going to be really treasured as it’s so personal. I did two matching rings for a guy in America and worked with him on the design for a few weeks before he gave one to his girlfriend and kept the other for himself. That was very special. It makes me so happy to work with someone on a personalised order for themselves or a family member.

Written by:

Christina Miller Partner Strategist


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