Growing great sports brands

At HOME, we’re big sports fans. From Puma to Science in Sport, the Rugby League to the Caribbean Premier League, we’ve been growing great sports brands for over 17 years. Here are just a few examples of the ways we’ve helped sports brands to smash their goals…

From pretty to gritty

Science in Sport are leaders in Endurance Sports Nutrition. They came to us with one problem to solve: how do they get their audience to relate to the elite athletes that back their brand?

We created a unique brand positioning that conveyed real pain and real grit, connecting with our hard-training audience and motivating them to push themselves even further. We created brand and campaign guidelines which helped inform a new website and targeted media campaign, as well as assets for social, print and events.

Reimagining a website for Leeds Rhinos

We were tasked with the redesign and rebuild of the Leeds Rhinos website. The site has a bespoke element importing statistical data from OPTA, to populate the fixture and player profiles, with the main goal of increasing speed performance. The speed improvements made on the website and infrastructure have resulted in a large uplift in traffic to the website.

Celebrating what CPL really stands for

Caribbean Premier League is the biggest party in sport. Everything about the cricket played in the professional T20 tournament is faster, harder-hitting, and more exciting. So we created a campaign that celebrates exactly that.

We brought bold headlines together with even bolder colours to create Cricket Played Louder. A campaign that’s now running for its 4th year, having filled Caribbean stadia through the use of OOH advertising and social media since 2015.

Uniting two sports giants under one brand

Prozone and Amisco were two former rivals who practically owned the world of sports analysis between them. Our challenge was to help them find shared ground and begin to function as one organisation with shared ideals, shared goals and a shared passion for sport. This was more than a few brand guidelines and a shiny new logo, it was about ushering in a new culture and means of communication.

Our solution was to tell the story of how they ‘Change the Game’. We helped build the new brand from the ground up, by running brand workshops, creating guidelines, building an internal comms platform and animating an employee video to educate and motivate the team. And all this started from the discovery of their own genuinely unifying, single organising principle: Change the Game.

Check out a few more examples here:

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Paul Lenihan Business Development Manager


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