Doing incredible things with 32Red

We have been busy working away with award-winning online casino, 32Red, on their new campaign and TV ad. Having run with a variant of the same ad for a number of years, 32Red wanted something new and exciting to re-energise the brand and show off their entertainment credentials.

We created a new campaign centred around all the ‘incredible’ moments players experience when gaming with 32Red, from the big jackpots up for grabs, to competitive offers and exclusive games. The high energy ad also stars TV personality Keith Lemon, who speaks to the viewer as he navigates his way through all of the chaos and fun that is backstage at 32Red. Once on stage, Keith Lemon introduces the viewer to the dizzying variety of games and offers available at 32Red, all brought to life on the big screens in the glitzy primetime studio setting.

When creating the TV ads and digital formats, we made sure to plan and capture them in a modular way to allow for a near-endless combination of scenarios, resulting in an extraordinarily flexible format suitable for promoting a range of different games and offers over the next couple of years. Incredible!

The campaign is live now running across TV and digital formats. Check out the ad below:


Written by:

Georgia Preston Senior Marketing Executive


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