Behind B2B banter

Social media gives brands a brilliant opportunity to facilitate connection with consumers, providing an opportunity to humanise an otherwise faceless name. But this isn’t the only audience brands are able to interact with.

In recent years, we’ve seen increasing numbers of brands not just acknowledging each other on social, but actually interacting with each other. These agile interactions can fall anywhere between chatty, sassy, flirty, or just plain strange, like the infamous beans-on-Weetabix thread that every brand under the sun got involved with…

Whether it’s spontaneous banter between social media managers or part of a carefully orchestrated marketing strategy, it doesn’t really matter, as these interactions extend reach outside of the brand’s usual followers and have the potential to tap into a whole new audience.

What does matter though, is the execution. The key to success in this space is paying attention to the quality and consistency of what’s being said. It needs to fit seamlessly into the overarching brand voice. Because when it doesn’t, second-hand-cringe can be activated. And you don’t want to be inadvertently giving followers the ick!

For example, users were vocal in the replies under a comment John Lewis left on Heinz’ parody Christmas ad, which suggests the audience felt it was off brand…

But, when they’re executed well, B2B social interactions can provide a great opportunity for your brand, so here are four top tips for getting it right:

  • Choose conversations and brands that are relevant to your company, rather than jumping on the bandwagon of every blue tick you see. Not every trend, or conversation, is yours to own.
  • Make sure each message is on brand – if you wouldn’t share it as an individual update, don’t post it in the comments.
  • Don’t take it too seriously or personally, engage in the fun and embrace the unexpected, as you can’t control other’s replies.
  • Social moves quickly, so don’t wait too long before commenting or replying to something – pause to check it’s on brand and will come across how you’re intending, then fire it out!

Written by:

Leah Groom Marketing Manager


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