Annie Atkins

If you are familiar with Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel or Isle of Dogs then you will be familiar with the work of Annie Atkins, the designer behind the intricate world-setting graphics used throughout the film. Think dog collars, escape maps, patisserie packaging, newspapers, secret notes, imaginary money and the list goes on…

The way Annie Atkins can bring to life an entire world through the use of graphic design is astonishing and even the details that remain on screen for all of 0.5 seconds have been thought out with the utmost attention to detail and completely charming aesthetics.

Annie talks openly about her experiences designing for the big screen and readily shares stories of insider tips and mishaps that are bound to happen no matter your level of experience. We love this talk she delivered as part of Nicer Tuesdays from It’s Nice That.

You can buy a book of her beautiful work – handily available with our favourite local bookstore, Village. Enjoy!

Written by:

Stephanie Maguire Senior UX Designer


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