All the more reason to consolidate agencies

Advertising technology is changing, and end user data privacy is becoming a fundamental platform for development in this space.

Laws have been developed to ensure businesses collect and process user data in a safe and responsible way with extraordinary fines for companies that break these laws.

Together, both of these changes create a challenge for, and a commercial risk between, advertisers and their agency roster.

Each additional agency partner becomes another potential vulnerability, an extra partner to audit/police and an additional bureaucracy to process.

Over the next two years this friction will increase and has the potential to stifle innovation, damage marketing performance and slow business growth.

From the paragraphs above, you might think we are opposed to the impending changes, and perhaps as marketeers we are, but as consumers and customers we see these changes as necessary, vital even.

As an integrated, full-service agency, we also spotted a huge opportunity, an advantage that we have over specialist agencies. With everything under one roof we are in a unique position to support our clients under one consistent, frictionless, data process.

In 2018, with GDPR looming we setup a cross department Data Privacy, Protection and Ethics team. We poured over the new legislation, guidance, technical changes, and new limitations. We continuously scope out what we need to do, not only to ensure compliance but to continue help our clients innovate and grow.

Nobody can claim to have all the answers, the landscape continues to change faster and faster with each passing week. But we feel well prepared to address these challenges as they arrive.

Now, more than ever, it makes sense to have a streamlined roster of agencies. Less, really is more. It is important to have a tight grip on any user data transfers and police how your agency partners plan to use that data. But it is also important that your agencies know how to utilise that data across departments, quickly and creatively without overstepping the guidelines.

From user experience to data driven media strategies and dynamic, addressable creative, HOME is ready to help navigate these choppy waters for the foreseeable.

Written by:

Will Hughes


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