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HOME Design System gives you the flexibility to do two tricky but critical things. Keep pace with technological change in this multi-device, multi-channel world. And meet the ever-changing, ever more unreasonable expectations of your customers. It does that by saving you resource, time and budget.

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Technology agnostic

Whatever platforms you work across, no matter how complex your tech stack or expensive the legacy architecture, HOME Design system will make deploying dev and design changes simpler, faster and more effective. It’ll free up time and budget and give you the time and flexibility to tackle more challenges more effectively.

Save up to 20%

HOME Design System saves duplication of cost and effort in both design and development. If you have multiple websites, apps, and digital properties, it can save you up to 20% of design and dev budgets.

Faster to market

With design assets and a stable codebase accessible to all devs, designers, and marketers who work with you worldwide, the speed with which you can create on-brand and reliable digital assets increases dramatically. Which makes prototyping, innovation and service design projects simpler, quicker and more affordable.

Automatic updates

HOME Design System enables automatic ‘push’ updates of brand assets across all owned platforms. So if anything changes in the design system, those changes can be pushed out to all of your apps, sites, and assets over night with little more than the press of a button. Which doesn’t just save you time, but an untold hassle and money too.

Global consistency

Think of it as a brand book that ensures global consistency of brand expression across every aspect of the digital experience. But rather than it being a static pdf stuck on a designer’s desktop, it’s a living breathing thing that gets used and improved every day by every designer, dev and marketer you work with worldwide.

Risk-free deployment

Automated user acceptance testing ensures critical user journeys are always reliable, which in turn enables rapid, risk-free deployments. That’s a good thing because time to market is reduced and traditional testing can focus on edge cases.

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