What does Google Duplex mean for businesses?

The announcement Google Duplex is the recently announced AI & voice service which can call businesses and ask questions – either on your behalf to make a booking, or on…

Posted by Neill Horie
24 May 2018
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Using Noisy Data to Interpret Campaign Performance in R

Defining the Challenge Let’s face it. Seasonal, trend, and general random data are often hard to decipher using marketing tools that are currently available online. I’ve found that off-the-shelf tools…

Posted by Steve Lee
03 May 2018
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Battle of the Dashboards: Tableau vs R Shiny vs Data…

As businesses are increasingly inundated with data, it’s becoming more important than ever to have a tool that can, at a glance, reveal the story hidden within the numbers. This…

Posted by Ben Cannon
15 March 2018
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Home creates Amazon Alexa Skill for Leeds Rhinos

We’re chuffed to announce we’ve been working with Leeds Rhinos to utilise the latest voice technology to help its fans keep up-to-date with news about the rugby club in an…

Posted by Dani Goodwin
01 March 2018
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Despite all the issues, programmatic spend will grow by 11%…

It’s fair to say programmatic news has been a little doom and gloom over the last few years, with concerns over ad fraud, viewability and brand safety plaguing programmatic channels.…

Posted by Will Hughes
22 February 2018
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