A handy guide to Google Analytics vs Analytics 360

Google Analytics (GA) feels like it has been around forever. In fact, it launched almost 13 years’ ago. Since then, in 2016, Google replaced Google Analytics Premium with Google Analytics…

Posted by Amardeep Notey
22 June 2018
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How Small Pieces of Text Can Improve Your Marketing

Because I’m part of Home’s wider Technology team, I’m kind of a nerd. I really like snooping on other websites’ approaches to tracking their campaigns. And what I always see…

Posted by Lindsey Flanagan
30 May 2018
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Using Noisy Data to Interpret Campaign Performance in R

Defining the Challenge Let’s face it. Seasonal, trend, and general random data are often hard to decipher using marketing tools that are currently available online. I’ve found that off-the-shelf tools…

Posted by Steve Lee
03 May 2018
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Battle of the Dashboards: Tableau vs R Shiny vs Data…

As businesses are increasingly inundated with data, it’s becoming more important than ever to have a tool that can, at a glance, reveal the story hidden within the numbers. This…

Posted by Ben Cannon
15 March 2018
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There’s a new kid on the block

Over the years I’ve written a number of articles where I do my best to dissect discerningly complicated new technologies from a non-technical perspective. I’ve covered everything from bitcoin to…

Posted by Tim Rooke
28 November 2017
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