Small steps to sustainability

Princes came to us with a brief to raise awareness of their new recyclable packaging. With the goal of being 100% recyclable by 2025, we needed to encourage customers to make the small changes that make a big difference.

The campaign was split into two strands of activity. First, we set about creating a launch campaign to inform customers about the new plastic-free tuna multi-pack across TV, VOD, digital and paid social. This included a new paper cut design to give the sustainability initiative its own identity, as well as a suite of rhyming headlines, which have become a trademark of the Princes brand.


The second part of the project was all about driving engagement on social around Sustainable September. As lead agency, our strategic and visual identity work brought everything together – informing a series of promotional in-feed videos to launch new weekly competitions and underpinning influencer activity to provide a steam of user-generated content.


The campaign had a really positive impact on brand metrics, with claimed consumption rising 5% during the month of September.

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