Speak of the Week

From charging your phone in a KFC box to an ‘escape room’ set up to challenge the public, this week has been full of brand stunts to get people talking. Of course, VR and Facebook was amongst the chatter too.

Escape from Alcatraz

Norwegian Airlines has come up with a new way to promote its route to San Francisco from the UK inspired by one of San Fran’s most famous landmarks, Alcatraz. Setting up the ‘escape room’ in Westfield Shopping Centre, they encouraged members of the public to visit the room for a 15-minute challenge. To escape the room, ‘prisoners’ have to find clues and decipher puzzles about San Francisco. If they escape on time, they have a chance to win free tickets on a Norwegian flight to San Francisco. Not a bad prize for being trapped in a cell for 15 minutes.

KFC ‘Watt a box’

KFC India has released the ‘watt a box’. While snacking on the finger licking goodness you can now charge your phone with the box through an integrated USB port. So when you’re feeling hungry and happen to have low battery, you can just pop to KFC, eat your chicken and charge your phone while on the move.

Nintendo secretly researching VR

During Nintendo’s first fiscal meeting this year, the company spilled the beans on their plans for virtual reality. But recognising long play times could be a problem, they’re looking at ways to make VR easier to use for long periods, more affordable and for it to carry value, in a bid to make parents feel more at ease with it.

The VR function is one of the many rumours about Nintendo’s new console, The NX, which is said to be coming out in March 2017.

Facebook focusing more on posts from family and friends

Facebook has been tweaking its News Feed algorithm, so users’ feeds are more dominated by posts from family and friends, instead of publishers’ content. The change might come as a blow to publishers who often rely heavily on the social network to share stories and direct traffic to their sites, but Facebook is keen to keep user experience at a high.