The brands the Dads like

Choosing what to buy your Dad for Father’s Day can be tricky – and there’s only so many pairs of socks you can buy him, right? So our Strategy & Planning team dug deep into YouGov to uncover the brands that Dads really do like.

So if you’re thinking of getting your Dad a gift for Father’s Day this Sunday (and you better be quick), here’s a guide to the brands they like to help you get your gift right.


  • They’d be more than happy with a techie present, with the Samsung Galaxy and Sony PlayStation appearing in the top 10 for 50% of this age category.
  • Also in the top 10 is a slight cheaper, yummier present: Ben & Jerry’s (49% of men).
  • But 52% of men, in this age range, love Heinz. So if you’re on a budget, how about beans on toast for breakfast?


  • Tech is still the front runner for Dads aged between 25-34, with Sony (51%), PlayStation (51%), Samsung (43%) and Google (44%) coming out on top.
  • But 49% of them would still love a fresh pair of Nikes.


  • For the 35 to 44s, Nike (51%) are in the top 3, and Adidas are in joint second with 51%.
  • Sharing second place with these sneaker kings is… Heinz! (51%)


  • Sony is the top brand for this age group (53%) – but for consumer electronics and home & office (so maybe give the PlayStation a miss).
  • Classics like Gillette razors (48%) and M&S (49%) make a comeback for this slightly older generation.
  • What about Heinz? It’s made a cheeky joint second appearance with 53%.


  • This age group love M&S too (56%).
  • Sony make an appearance at number 5 with 50%.
  • But, yes, you’ve guessed it… Heinz is in at number 4 with 52%.

Still in doubt? Why not make your Dad some beans on toast. Then let him have a lie-in.