What are Actions on Google?

The terminology of Assistants is a bit muddy right now, particularly as it’s in its early stages, but Actions on Google are the equivalent of a mobile app, a website…

Posted by Neill Horie
25 April 2017
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What do you do if WordPress is stuck in maintenance…

Every now and then, websites do things that we don’t expect. Usually, this means that something has gone wrong, which can affect both users and developers alike. When things like…

Posted by Sam Kirkbride
24 April 2017
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Burger King’s ad: The problems & potential with voice interaction

Yesterday, Burger King launched a TV ad which cleverly tries to invoke the Google Assistant, asking it to describe the ingredients to one of its burgers (you can watch it…

Posted by Neill Horie
13 April 2017
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Brighton SEO 2017: Key takeaways on Data

Now that the gossip of the after party has subsided and the SEO pick up lines have been exhausted, I wanted to share with you my key learnings from BrightonSEO…

Posted by Steve Lee
11 April 2017
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1 competition. 4 Homies. The best 15 hours of their…

Andy Warhol famously said that ‘in the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes’. Well at Home we’re in the business of making our clients famous and we’ve been…

Posted by Dani Goodwin
05 April 2017
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