Will OOH ever be fully programmatic?

At Home, we aim to be fearless, to try new things and to push the boundaries. We’ve been demonstrating this through our SEO team, who have been turning their attention…

Posted by Ben Cunningham
18 September 2017
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The Future of Data in Marketing

The rise of data and the demand for in depth analyses has grown immensely over the last few years. The massive amount of data now being recorded daily is greater…

Posted by Abbie Whitehead
15 August 2017
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Google Dataprep: a rookie technician & the elegance of simplicity

It sometimes seems that every day heralds another announcement by Google of another feature or tool that gives those of us who work in data a sense of both excitement…

Posted by Lindsey Flanagan
25 July 2017
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What’s a meme and more importantly, how the hell do…

Friday saw another year of Mashable’s ‘Social Media Day’, and over at Home we spent the day reflecting on what social means to us both personally and in our work…

Posted by Steven Watts
03 July 2017
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Top 5 takeaways from London Tech Week

This week has been London Tech Week, and while we couldn’t be there ourselves, all the activity has been live streamed online. So we checked it out, and have pulled together…

Posted by Sam Kirkbride
16 June 2017
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