Pressing Play on Online Video

Video on the rise Video advertising is the fastest growing ad format in the digital marketing industry, with ad spend growing 46% YoY – overtaking standard banner ads for the…

Posted by Freddie Lister
20 November 2017
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When will Google launch the mobile-first index?

Article originally published 4th November 2016. Update as of 14th November 2017: One year on, and the mobile-first index isn’t here yet, although we do know that Google want to make…

Posted by Neill Horie
14 November 2017
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Getting Google Analytics accounts into tip-top shape

Tracking, data collection and analysis is an important part of what we do at Home, whether that’s monitoring our clients’ campaign performance or uncovering valuable insight for a UX project.…

Posted by Amardeep Notey
10 November 2017
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Want to auto-update WordPress? Here’s some handy code

Updating your website is vital in maintaining a secure site, so it was welcomed in 2013 when WordPress introduced a new feature which automatically installed any minor version updates to…

Posted by Sam Kirkbride
08 November 2017
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Even when you’re not working, you’re working.

As the advertising blogger Scamp said, “When you see me staring out of the window, that’s when I’m working”. Well if you change window to computer screen you’ll understand what…

Posted by Ben Bateson
27 October 2017
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