Mental Health First Aid – a necessity or a nice…

Since 1981, the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations have required employers to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to ensure their employees receive immediate attention if they are…

Posted by Sarah Grace
10 October 2018
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Goodbye Netflix… Hello British subscription streaming service?

In recent news, we’ve heard that the BBC and Discovery TV Network are planning a split of their joint venture, UKTV. For the BBC, this could be a move to…

Posted by Jack Price
27 September 2018
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It started with Kendall Jenner

This measly BLT isn’t going to solve discrimination against the LGBTQ community – it’s not real. But do you remember the Pepsi ad, when Kendall Jenner solved racial inequality around…

Posted by Brad Hill
13 September 2018
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Home launches sun-soaked campaigns for Jet2

We’re delighted to have launched a bunch of new national TV campaigns for and Jet2holidays, which aired for the first time on ITV during Friday’s Coronation Street, and then…

Posted by Leah Groom
10 September 2018
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The Influencer Hype

Since the social media evolution, influencer marketing has been a key, strategic tool in the PR world. Whether you know them as Bloggers, Vloggers or even Content Creators, ‘Influencers’ are…

Posted by Evie Prescott
31 August 2018
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