Still funding terrorism? The latest from Google

A little over a month ago, we posted a blog about how advertisers are “inadvertently” funding terrorists. We ended it by saying that “it is absolutely crucial that publishers, ad…

Posted by Will Hughes
21 March 2017
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We’ve rocketed to first place in Campaign’s Top 30

We’re feeling out of this world after hearing the news that we’ve bagged the No 1 spot in Campaign’s Top 30 Regional Agencies – and our feet haven’t touched the…

Posted by Dani Goodwin
17 March 2017
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Another day, another website update

Website updates and maintenance often seem like a never ending task that would be a lot easier to just sweep under the rug. This is especially true when a small…

Posted by Sam Kirkbride
16 March 2017
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Forget SEO. Artificial Intelligence Optimisation is the future.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has always been about change, and how we react to those algorithm updates. It’s about the gold rush – finding out the next big thing which…

Posted by Neill Horie
01 March 2017
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Are you funding terrorism? Can you do anything to stop…

On February 9th Alexi Mostrous, Head of Investigations at The Times, published an article uncovering the fact that “big brands” such as Mercedes-Benz, Waitrose and Marie Curie, “fund terror through…

Posted by Will Hughes
17 February 2017
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