Integrated media strategy
and whistle to whistle

The Whistle to Whistle ban will have a significant impact on our ability to reach the right audience at the right time. We believe our integrated approach to insight, media, creative and tech strategy can help turn that challenge into a huge opportunity.

Real-time contextual ads

We know that search behaviour is the biggest and most reliable indicator of consumer intent and interests, so we work with partners to deliver hyper-relevant, personalised display campaigns based on live search data.

Direct connection

One on one conversations between brands and customers are fast becoming the norm within the category, so our campaigns on platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp are built upon deep insights into what individual punters really want from their bookmaker.

Data driven activity

Data-driven insight should be used to drive activity across the board, whether it be serving live PPC ad copy, dynamic digital OOH messaging tailored by time of day and location, or geofenced mobile targeting.

Personalised in-play

With in-play communications, it’s as much about keeping your brand front of mind to existing customers as it is about acquiring new ones. Communications through the game need to be highly targeted, personalised, compelling and relevant to ensure we add to the match experience rather than detract from it.

Multichannel targeting

We can help you communicate with your entire customer base with targeted and event-triggered messaging including live odds. We can then measure individual response to refine further targeting. This works across push, web push, email, SMS, interstitials etc. For one client this has driven a 9.2% increase in revenue and a 22% increase in in-play bets placed – per user per match.

Social engagement

Social media has become the second screen of choice for sports fans. We can help you increase engagement and betting activity by creating rich social content in near real time. That reactive content can feature all your data feeds - including Opta, betting prompts, live odds and images. For one of our clients this has driven a 34% increase in engagement and helped to optimise their social content.

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