Based on some fantastic work by Kantar and a bit of a rebuild and rework by some Homies, we’re going to explore our take on a recovery from Coronavirus.

Brands need to be aware that the demand shock that has been created will not be calmed unless they proactively signal recovery. This creates a 7 principle strategy:

1. Give me hope
2. Create true purpose
3. Reconsider the audience (thank you Kantar)
4. Protect the space (thank you Kantar)
5. Innovate with hygiene at core (thank you Kantar)
6. Partner in unexpected ways (thank you Kantar)
7. Don’t go dark

1. Give me hope

A mentality of positivity that people can return to as normal a life as possible with the necessary protection measures created AND communicated so they feel safe to do so. New hope, not new normal.

2. Create true purpose

People are crying out for brands to fill the void left by governments to create a better society. Now is the time to understand why your brand exists and live up to it.

3. Reconsider the audience

Customers mentality may have shifted. For some the ability to be your best customers may have disappeared. Who is thriving? Who can help you bounce back best? Understand the changes to their journeys and create the right experience for them.

4. Protect the space

Every business just became a health business. Make people feel safe in your space and let them know why, what and how you’re doing it.

5. Innovate with hygiene at the core

Necessity is the mother of invention. There are lots of opportunities to build improved products, services and experiences. Brands that innovate in downturns succeed, those that don’t decline.

6. Partner in unexpected ways

We’re in this together. We need to make better connections with people, communities and other brands. By joining forces in previously unexpected ways we can rip up the rule book and make better experiences.

7. Don’t go dark

Covid-19 will leave behind a recession. Brands that thrive in such circumstances are the ones that keep visible, spend appropriately and work the customer journey harder.

This should apply to all brands wanting to have a better relationship with their audiences anyway. Coronavirus recovery is really just a wake-up call, a reminder to behave in the right way. A catalyst to do the right things for customers so that your brand matters more to them. This shouldn’t just be considered a rebound, but a reset.

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